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Focusrite 2i2 quality?

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Hey guys, I have a Focusrite 2i2 that I use as my DAC, how does it compare to something along the lines of a Schiit Modi? I know that it's probably not as good, but I was under the impression that once you upgrade to a discrete DAC from onboard audio, the improvements from upgrades become more and more marginal. 

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Technically, going by the published specs, there is very little between the two units. In fact all comparable figures show the 2i2 to be either the same or very slightly better than the Modi. You also get an awful lot more with the 2i2 for very little extra cash. The chances of you being able to distinguish either box by ear alone in a blind listening test is infinitesimally low. 0.002%. 


Then again it also depends on your personality and internal biases. Schitt is one of those companies that has captured the imagination of the audiophile community, it's more expensive, like for like, looks better in most home situations and it appears to particularly appeal to NA citizens because they assemble in the good 'ole US of A..


So it's entirely possible in a sighted test that you might come to think it sounded  'night and day' better, with a wider soundstage, less fatiguing highs, crisper lows  and such like bollocks. That's human nature at work.


Spend your money on better speakers and headphones. Or if you really want a better interface get one with more inputs and outputs and sophisticated software.

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The headphone-out on the 2i2 isn't great, but otherwise it is still a fairly capable DAC.

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