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Better than BX5a for $700 or less?

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I have a pair of M-Audio BX5a, so far it's serving me good. But I am wondering for $700 or less what would be significantly better than that? The New M3-8?


p.s. Active speakers preferred. My DAC is Yulong D100, room size is 11' by 11'

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Are you looking for 5'' or 8'' woofers? 

Also, you should probably head over to gearslutz as they are more geared towards your inquiry 

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Thanks a lot, i will check out the other forum. 

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Or this recent(ish) thread.


There is an embarrassment of riches available within your budget. If you haven't had a pair before almost all desktop monitors sound great. Even those for ~$200 or so. Over $500 though the quality goes up a gear.


Cleaner and deeper sound, more power, greater reliability, longer guarantees, less distortion and flatter frequency response.


With your budget I'd look at ADAM F7 or A5X, Event 20/20BAS, Equator D5. If you really need a bigger driver you can go down a brand and look at models from Yamaha, Mackie and Fostex.

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I would definitely recommend the Equator D5s, probably one of the best 5'' monitors. Next to that would probably be the Mackie MR5 MK2s, probably can get them around $200 on eBay.

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I would seriously consider you find a local store thats sells pro audio gear and see exactly what you can get for your budget, there is plenty of choice at this sort of level.  I would aim to try and find a minimum of a 6inch driver, as most smaller drivers can struggle with really low frequencies.  See what you can get for you money, IMO you should put a few different brands on your list and try to test as many as you can, I would recommend ADAM as a brand having used the A7x for a while.


Also consider brands like KRK Tannoy and Mackie in your range if you can.  I know in the UK its hard to get a good listening session without prior notice so if you have a local supplier give them a call in advance and explain your budget and see if they can give you an audition.


Once you go into the $600+ market you can get a pretty good set of monitors, and they are all pretty good value IMO.  There are very few "bad" monitors once you start spending this sort of money, and you really do get what you pay for.

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