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What IEM that might fit my criteria? (Budget under $450)

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Hi everyone, I want to buy a pair of nice sounding IEM, and my budget is under $450.

I listen mainly to Rock/alternative rock, Japan Rock, billboard pop songs, Funk Jazz, latin jazz, instrumental.


I have certain Sound sig criteria in mind which is warm, have thick and rich mid sound and a bit laid back (nice for vocal and Rock guitar distortion), but still preserving good high frequency for good detail, Not over bass (I'm no bass head) I would like the bass to be tight and not boomy. And the most important that it is not harsh/sibilant sounding which can be fatiguing for long listening session. 


And because I often listen for rock music like Dream theatre, Alter Bridge, etc. Some IEMs (Like Final Audio Heaven 2, Shure 535, Etc) that I've ever listened to were feeling like too bright (overpowering) when it came to the guitar distortion section. And it made me want to immediately turn the volume down because the sound was like piercing my ear drums. When I listened to Rock song, I like to turn up the volume a bit just to makes it feel more alive and energetic for me.


So guys, I have tell you a bit about the IEM's criteria that I'm looking for, I would like to ask for your recommendations. I Appreciate any recommendations or comments from you all.



Best regards,



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Any thoughts?

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Hmm. The closest IEM I have experience with that fits your description would be the Westone 4R -- my IEM of choice for the past 5 or 6  months. I never get listening fatigue. I've had some problems with piercing highs on more analytical IEMs like the ATH-CK100PRO, which, bar the harshness it picks out of bad recordings, was my #1 until I got the W4R. 




a bit laid back (the sound is a touch warm, but not something I'd classify as a warm sound sig)

not bassy -- there is bass and some note thickness, but it's mostly balanced with the rest of the freq, like I said, W4R are just a touch warm

bass is tight and not boomy


I think you'd be happy with them. I listen to mostly contemporary rock genres (Thousand Foot Krutch, 65daysofstatic, Linkin Park, RED, Falling Up, I Fight Dragons, Matthew Perryman Jones, Gorillaz) and some other musical indie stuff (Joel Cathey, some chiptune artists).



I was about to recommend the W3 when I read "warm/laid back" but the W3 have a lot of treble energy too that wore me out after a few hours. And they're bassy in comparison to other IEMs I've used (such as the W4R, GR07, ATH-CK100PRO). The Yamaha EPH-100 are the warmest IEMs I've ever used, but it's been about a year and a half since I had them and all I remember is how much fun they were... ie warm, bassy, liquid mids and rolled off top-end.

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