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Need help choosing!

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Hey, I cant say I'm a huge audiophile but last time I purchased headphones I decided to make an informed decision by coming here and was immensely pleased with the result (I purchased a pair of SE215's).


Now, I am looking for some sub $100 speakers for my desktop. I'm currently looking at these 3 items:



they are:


Genius SW-G2.1 1250 2.1 Speaker System

Creative GigaWorks T40 Series II

Logitech Z623


If I'm missing anything or you have any input I'd greatly appreciate anything.

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I've also just been recommended this by a 4chan board



get cheap good rated bookshelf speakers
lepai a2020 amplifier
ca to aux and 2x2m copper speaker wire


along with these speakers:



And knowing this is possible I now feel totally out of my depth!


You should also know that I am not too concerned with bass or god quality at max volume. Of course I like to listen to everything as loud as possible without too much damage to my ears, but my main concern is that I am in an apartment and do not want to be a disturbance.

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I can't really comment on specific speaker brands, but I'd definitely go with the Lepai and cheap passive speakers over powered computer speakers, personally. 

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I was recommended an adapter and two RCA cables, but the amp already has RCA slots- would there be any issue in purchasing


to feed to the speakers directly from the RCA slots





to feed into either my PC or someone elses music player?

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I am confused. You use speaker wire to connect the Lepai to the speakers. RCA cables will not connect to the speaker outs of the Lepai, nor will they connect to the input terminals of passive speakers. Look at the back of the Lepai: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/714tYMTOWqL._SL1500_.jpg -- the bare ends of speaker wire go into those 4 holes. You can't fit an RCA plug in there. The Lepai does have RCA inputs though. Those speakers have binding posts on the back. You could use banana plugs, or there should be a hole where you can insert bare wire. 

The second cable would work for connecting a PC or music player to the Lepai. 

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I'm sorry, I dont know jack about it and I've been trying to wrap my head around it all day. I swear I'm not totally brain dead haha. I've never worked with bare wire in this context before.

Is there any reason I would want RCA to aux instead of aux to aux for my input?

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Originally Posted by selky View Post

Is there any reason I would want RCA to aux instead of aux to aux for my input?

Nope, shouldn't be any difference between the two inputs. Just differently shaped plugs.
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Cool, thanks for the help- ordering now!

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