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PS4 headset setup zalman mixamp questions

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Hey guys,

Soo for the past couple of days I have been trying to figure out a decent headset setup for my ps4. I bought a 3.5mm splitter cable along with the zalman mic and my Bose ae2's to find out that the microphone doesn't work plugged into the dualshock4. I thought it may have been the splitter issue but when I plug the zalman mic directly into the dualshock4, the system still does not recognize a microphone. The mic works perfectly fine on my computer though. I bought a pair of turtle beach P11's but already want to return them. They are incredibly uncomfortable and I'm not too impressed with the sound. I just bought the Astros mix amp and I'm hoping this may fix my issues. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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For the sake of letting other people know:
Mad Lust Envy
Today at 1:59 am
I don't use the Zalman. I hate that thing. I use the deal extreme mic. Also, the controller won't pick it up UNLESS I use a y adapter. In any case, the Mixamp has it's own chat functions on the ps4 and works fine.
Today at 2:13 am
Thanks for the response. I'll look up that mic instead then. I have a y splitter that doesn't work still but I'm thinking it's because my splitter is 3 pole instead of 4. Do you have this working on the ps4 currently? My original plan was to use these headphones and mic without the mix amp but I couldn't figure a way without it. Thanks you though
Mad Lust Envy
Today at 2:17 am
I'll have to look at my Y adapter and see. it came with the Mixamp. I attach it to the PS4 controller, and the Dealextreme mic to that, and it works.
Today at 2:25 am
Okay thanks and all of this works with mix amps virtual surround sound? I just bought the 2013 mix amp pro. Are there any cables that I need to buy such as an optical cable? Or is it already included. Thanks a lot once again
Mad Lust Envy
Today at 2:43 am
I would suggest you buy an optical cable, as the one that comes with the mixamp is pretty frail/flimsy. And yes, it works with virtual surround, as voice chat is separate from the optical out functions in game consoles.
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