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well the tf10 has a more V shaped sound...i found different cables or if yuou like to eq you can give it a little more mid range...there nothing wrong with liking one more than another thats your opinion everyone is entitled to them. i dont like the 900's connector
Mids aren't equal to detailing. Not entirely anyway. Anyway, I haven't found a cable which can bring the details forward enough up to, or just under, that of the UE 900. EQuing doesn't help one bit, sadly.

Personally, I'd prefer the TF 10 over the UE 900 if it had that extra bit of detailing. It's just that the detailing is all in the background and not brought forward enough for me. I now alternate in between these two.

P.S. I don't see how... bad(?) the coaxial connector is. People are jumping ship to that because it fixes (mostly) that ridiculous issue where your pins get jammed and you end up ripping out the socket from your IEM.