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For Sale:
JKenny Ciunas USB/SPDIF Converter (Black Color)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Received this in Sep 13 from Jkenny himself. Is in excellent condition (have been sitting on my desk all the while).


This is a brilliant sounding USB/SPDIF converter that is better than my previous Stello U3 + iUSB Power setup. What's more, its battery powered. The battery is designed to be constantly charged while using it so you need not worry about the device running out of power halfway through your listening session.


It is housed in a very small and beautiful case. Very professionally and elegantly made.


Asking price includes shipping and PayPal fees.


Note: I have misplaced the RF attenuator (since I don't use it) so it won't be included. Comes with the unit itself and the USB charging cable.


Thank you for viewing :)