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I've made a couple threads already, but figured I either posted in the wrong place or used the wrong words.


So I'm looking for new headphones for the holidays. My budget is absolutely no more than $199.

I'm looking for headphones good for movies, gaming, and all genres of music. I'm not planning on doing any audio work, so I don't need a pair that has a neutral sound. My current pair is the JVC HA-RX700. I consider these having a "fun" sound. They're good for their price (about $30), but they aren't the most comfortable. I'd also like the sounds to be more crisp and powerful.


I figure that I'll need more than onboard sound (Realtek ALC898) to power them. I was thinking of something like the Asus Xonar DGX, DSX, or DX (so something around $60). Just something simple that's a step up from onboard. This will be included in the cost, too. Therefore, I'd prefer if the headphones themselves cost less than $130.


Thank you for any recommendations.