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Hello everybody!


I've just joined the club, and I'd really like to hear some of your suggestions on my situation.

Being in a college dorm, I only play guitar through my (cheap) earbuds: as a matter of fact I do not even have an amp, but rather i connect my guitar directly to a Line 6 POD xt Live (, which works as a preamp for the signal. The point is that I cannot bring a satisfactory sound out of it, and I'm blaming my in-ear earbuds for that: they came with an old Samsung mmp3 player, and the use I'm doing of them is not what they have been designed for.

The sound seems always muddy, covered: I cannot bring out a sparkling clean (or even a good high for that matter) out of it, no matter how I set the POD equalizer.


So I'm asking you guys some suggestion on my next purchase: a nice pair of over the ear headphones.

That being said, I'm not by all means a professional, so 'm not looking for the ultimate headphone set, but just for something that I can finally enjoy when playing. A friend of mine suggested me the Audio-technica ATH-M40fs: what do you guys think about them? Are they any good for my purpose (also, I red on this forum that they do need an ampli to work properly: would the POD built-in preamp do the job)? Any other suggestion?



Thank you very much for your time!