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IE60 vs Vsonic GR07 BE

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I have the choice of purchasing GR07 BE's for $130 out of pocket or IE60's for $75 out of pocket (thanks to gift cards and coupons). I've read the reviews on both and understand the GR07's are great buds. I have read extremely conflicting reviews on the IE 60's. I am just curious to whoever has heard both buds what their feelings were. I listen to exclusivelyhard rock (Shinedown, Breaking Benjamin) and metal (Feat Factory, Machine Head). From time to time, I'll listen to electronica/trance/dub (Celldweller, Juno Reactor & Rusko). I don't listen to country or hip hop. I rarely will queue up orchestra music but not often. I love impacting and full bass. I wouldn't declare myself a bass head but I enjoy the impact sounds of bass with good detail to the bass here and there.

Between spending $75 out of pocket for IE 60's or $130 for VSonic's, what would you recommend?

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...looking for the same information here. Anyone own the IE 60's ???

I feel like it would be worth spending more for the IE 60's as they are similar to the IE 80's, which are awesome.

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i just ordered mk2 for 130$ after reading all the reviews.


but sennheiser buds are overrated.i am sure ie80 is very good but way way expensive and out of my budget


i have used uptill cx 400...............its available in india for like 70$ and is not worth the price.


at op,u might also consider rockit r-50 too and also brainwavz r3+fiio e07k for just 129$ at mp4nation(fiio e07k is free)

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ie 60 is available in canada at ncix for just 140$

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will someone help me??


i can cancel mk2 order if ie60 sound better and they are available for 140$ in cousin can ship them to india without import duty as a gift!!


so ie60 vs mk2 please

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anyone for ie60 vs gr07vs r3?

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