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I've got two 2005 Consumer edition DT770's. One for home for when I can't use open headphones, and one for work (damn the stupid office noise generators, I hate you so much). They both came with "newer" ziplock style headband cushions and unfortunately on both the pleather headband cushion has deteriorated quite a bit. Practically as soon as I got them the pleather headband cushion became sticky to the touch. I tried cleaning it thinking the stickiness would go away, but it didn't. I think the pleather just started degrading by itself either from heat or humidity or god knows what else. It's actually tolerable now becuse the stickiness went away but now it looks like crap because of all the lint and dust and hair that is stuck to it. I'd like to get a replacement headband but I would like to avoid getting another pleather/leatherette stuff that will probably deteriorate just as quickly. I would like to buy a real leather headband, but I'm having trouble finding which ones are the actual leather and which ones are imitation pleather/leatherette.


Just about the only real leather headband for Beyerdynamic I found is this one, and it's $60


Are there any better alternatives for a real leather headband cushion?