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Hello, I have been looking around many threads on a couple forums trying to find a replacement for my Trittons what have recently started to short out on me with fading sounds and a mic that somehow stopped working. I'm trying to find one that will have a mic with in cord or removable that is able to play music from a wide variety or music genre's (i get bored with genres easily so i switch alot). I was going to buy V-moda M-80's but after further reading it seems people with larger heads (like mine) have issues with the fit, for reference i have my trittons almost all the way pulled out to fit. I would like any suggestions you could happen to have but would like to try and stay away from razer, tritton, turtle beach, and astros. It would also be great if I was able to wear them on my walk to/from my classes because 45 minutes of silence is not the best. I have read the other one or two ive seen similar to this thread but they ended with the suggestion of astros. I am looking to spends around 150 for them as well

In summary this is what i generally want
-Microphone (in-line or detachable)
-Ability to perform sufficiently with multiple genres
-Over or on ear that will fit people with larger heads
-Not to bulky that i cant wear them while walking about

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




[Edit: Added price point]

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