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Best hI-fi system for under £200?

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hey there, i'm wanting to buy a complete hi-fi system and the max budget is £200. size isn't an issue so i dont want a micro hi-fi system. i was looking at the sony MHC-EC719iP


i favour bass as that's the main reason i want a hi-fi system, more volume than headphones and of course a lot more bass. i can't find any other system that's better than this sony one unless others can share information to me? thanks!

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you would be much better off in the long term spending money on a proper hi-fi system. for example, this speaker package will have more bass and better sound than any boombox.


you should easily find a half-decent receiver/amp on Gumtree for about £50. add £30 for cables and that's it. all in all shouldn't cost more than £300.


check this uk forum for more info...

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something like the Aego M maybe?

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