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MEElectronics A161P

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Hey all


I am currently sitting with the MEElectronics A161P in my amazon basket ready for purchase ... but I wanted to find out some things before I purchase ...



How is the soundstage of these IEM's ... Is the soundstage good enough for me to use the 161's on my computer for gaming as well as music and movies ? ...



Also, will I need to run them amped to get the performance that everyone else is talking about with these IEM's or can I run them straight from my galaxy 2/4 smartphone ?




They are going for under $60 which seems pretty hard to beat, is there anything better for this price ? ...




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I have these.Smaller soundstage, forward vocals, difficult fit for me, I don't like them much.

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Wee, the a161p is a bit mid-forward, so the soundstage is more on the intimate side - I'll say around average size. Positioning is very good though. No amp needed - the a161p is very easy to drive. For around 50 bucks I think these are pretty hard to beat unless you want different presentation coz the a161p's soundstage isn't the biggest. 

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If I wanted a bigger sound stage ... ... what would you recommend in that price range (but still having the same quality or better) and you can even consider bumping the price range to $70 or so ... (preferably off amazon)



Keeping in mind that I listen to some bass heavy music styles as well as wanting to use the IEMs for gaming and movies

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Well, getting the same quality in that price range is a bit hard let alone better. You may try something more V-shaped that has bigger soundstage and more bass and you might like it more even though the a161p will still be crisper and more detailed. Going with amazon is a bit limiting - maybe you can try the astrotec am800. The vsonic VSd1S is pretty good but even off amazon it will be shipped from China, so you might as well just get one from lendmeurears as it's $40 now.  

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