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Budget IEMs for Rock/Metal

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First time writing, though I read the forums from time to time when I need audio advice.


I need a pair of in-ear headphones for listening to rock and metal. Almost all genres, but mainly progressive/post.

I am not an audiophile, I just like to listen to music in the best possible quality for my budget and needs.

I was using a pair of Dunu Trident for almost a year now, but some days ago they decided to stop working. Actually the right earpiece is not working at all and left works at low volume with an amount of distortion.
Before that I wasn't using any really "good" earphones, mainly some budget AKGs and Sennheisers.

I quite liked the sound of the Tridents, as well as built and fit in my ears.

I prefer to wear them straight down but I don't mind over-the-ear as well.

I don't really like a huge amount of bass, but I definitely want it there. I like clarity and detail.
From what I've read the past few days, the sound I like is probably neutral to warmish. Correct me if I'm not saying things as I should, I'm quite new to the "quality sound world".
While reading around the forums I have found some replacements like the SoundMagic E10, and some of the Dunu's other models like the Crius or Ares.
Tridents again are considered as I really liked them. Just trying to find if there is something better for my budget.


My budget is around 30£ but can go a bit higher if need be. I prefer shops in UK and Europe.
Source is a Sansa Clip+, unamped. (Rarely my Nokia Lumia 610 as well.)
My files are usually 320kbps MP3s and some FLACs.

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Check out these comparison threads:






The price of the IEMs are also listed there along with their ratings.

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I have checked these threads while reading around the forums the previous days.

Some that may meet my criteria are
Soundmagic E30 (although the look a bit "cheap")
Soundmagic E10
Soundmagic PL21 (are they too bassy?)
Dunu Trident
Dunu Crius
Dunu Ares (bit more expensive though)
Brainwavz M5

From what I read, the Dunu Hephaes would do the job, but are out of my budget (45£).

I found these as well: http://www.head-fi.org/t/684371/brainwavz-delta-review

Any thoughts?



The thing is that the big review has way too many IEMs compared, which is a good thing, but I am a bit lost with so much information.
I'd like some advice on what should I look for.



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Going with the reviews, 2 of the other highly rated IEMs for that price range (other than the ones you listed) are the Vsonic VSD1 and Sony MH1C.


I agree, there are too many choices now that it is very confusing. I'm purely going by the reviews and the appreciation thread.


Probably I would go for the VSD1 because I love my GR07BE and the VDS1 are supposed to give 80% of the performance of the GR07s. That's good performance for the price point.

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The VSD1 seem pretty decent, but I can't seem to find it in any store in the UK. And I don't really wanna mess with customs. I'll continue trying to find it.
What about the others I have listed?

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I don't have much knowledge on the IEMs you listed.


You can get the VSD1 from http://www.lendmeurears.com/ and they offer free shipping for Vsonic products. I don't think there will be an issue with customs.

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zamorin thanks for the help.

Still if anyone has some knowledge to contribute on the matter I'd like that. :)

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I would get the VSD1, but they will take more than two weeks to arrive and I need a pair of earphones cause I don't have any now.
I'll probably get them after christmas though.

For the time I think I am getting one of the ones I've mentioned before, still don't know which though.
Leaning towards Dunu Tridents and Brainwavz Delta. 

From what I read Deltas have similar sound with the Tridents which I really like.
Any help on that?


Any other suggestion?

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Well, I finally re-bought the Dunu Tridents as I couldn't wait 2 weeks for the VSD1s. I'll get them eventually though.

From what I read, people seem to like foam tips and I wanna try them too, but the Tridents don't come with a pair of these.
Searching, I found that I can buy extra Comply Foam Tips. But there are many types to chose from an I don't know which one fits the Tridents.
And I don't know which size I'd like to use (I used medium size silicon tips on the previous pair of Tridents).
So, which type is the one that fits the Tridents?
Here's what amazon.co.uk got: http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_1_5?url=search-alias%3Delectronics&field-keywords=comply%20foam%20tips&sprefix=compl%2Celectronics%2C178&rh=i%3Aelectronics%2Ck%3Acomply%20foam%20tips


Thanks again! :)

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