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Live gig shots

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You guys got any?


I'll get things started!
















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I have a few! These are just some I uploaded to Facebook before, I'm using my girlfriends Macbook Pro at the hospital while watching my newborn daughter sleep :)


A Day To Remember

can't remember who this is..


TROLLOLOLOL yeah, right.


The Black Dahlia Murder


Me and the Mommy during the ADTR concert :)


I'll contribute more to this thread after I get back to my desktop PC where I have more saved. I'm normally in the front or in the pit though ;)

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From my California trip last year. Drove up north to see some old friends I haven't seen in years, missing the Iron Maidens (the cover girl band) in Long Beach in the process! But a good friend treated me out to a show of one of our favorite bands, the Greyhoundz. I've been attending their shows since around the release of their album back in 1997, when I just started high school and my parents were allowing me out late. After that I was able to say I've seen these guys perform on TWO continents.








And just for kicks, a YouTube link to one of their songs :

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