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solder cable repair okay?

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one conductor in a odin cable broke inside the insulation. about 2" from the termination.. with surgical precision I stripped back the jacket,soldered with pure silver,applied hot fep/Teflon.

will this repair maintain the sonic signature of the cable or is it basically not what it was?

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Personally I would be OK with it there are other solder joints in the chain so one more shouldn't hurt

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electrically speaking that is true. I cannot hear the difference. I bet someone could. it just upsets me such a cable is "ruined". even if it is not really.

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The people that say they hear a difference never bet, so why would you?


The one problem is that soldering makes a fragile spot in the cable so it may break again.

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Don't they come with a warranty?

Why not let the charlatans deal with it before you remove any value it had?
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oh geez. I did not even think of that. if they had a warranty I doubt they do now. truthfully I did not pay nearly msrp so I don't know if I had a warranty anyways. I am very skilled at soldering but I certainly would have been happier with a replacement. quite frankly these are really fragile. I will contact nordost and see if they will at least agree to shorten them a few inches and re-terminate them. if you remember patrick82 what I did should not be a problem anyhow lol. I did not even know it was broken until I dusted the speaker ports. I don't know if that says much about my ears anymore nonetheless. as far as betting goes, they beat lamp cord! seriously, I think the real problem is oxidation. that, I might hear. hopefully they will just fix them even if I had to pay something. I guess I will find out Monday.

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they will repair them at my expense. I fully expected that which is fine with me. I think I will just leave my fix since I took the time to do it.
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