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Need a little help choosing

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Hi There, 


My work desktop is a old HP computer, and I'm curious if an AMP/DAC combo will help improvement my audio experience.


I'm generally using my P5s at work, and listening to spotify on 320kbps. Will a Fiio e17 benefit my setup/headphones? 





My portal media player

Galaxy Note 3 (99% I won't be using this as my audio player) 



Sennheiser 598

B&W P5 and P7



Westone 4



everything except for hip-hop/rap at 320kbps

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I used an E17 with my Galaxy S3 and thought it worked well together but I never tried with my PC.

The only thing I didn't like about the Fiio was I could hear a little hiss when using it with low volume.

If you're using your PC as the main source you might just consider saving money and just buying a Fiio amp if you don't need the dac.

Good luck.
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Is there anyone who can help me? i have to make a quick choise


ARH SA950I OR AKG K451???? they cost me roughly the same, can you tell me which is best?


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I'm actually in the exact same boat.  I am looking to get the B&W P7's, and the Fiio E17.

Mostly listen to Spotify on computer @320  And pretty much everything except rap and country.  Alot of blues really.


I will also listen on iPhone, but w/o amp. 


Have you learned anything since your posts?

Curious if this is a good setup with the e17 and p7.   Can't imagine it to be bad, but there could be better setups.  I do have my heart set on the p7's....

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