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For Sale: Big gear clearance!

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Big gear clearance!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Please only PM me if you're serious about buying.  I've wasted a couple of sales due to head-fier's saying that they would buy but didn't act on it.  Please don't waste my time.


Most items will come with box and all accessories and will be in mint condition unless noted.  I will take payments only through PayPal.  We can discuss price, shipping, condition on some items, etc. through PM's.  Thanks.


Logitech UE500

Monster Gratitude

Nuforce NE700X

Onkyo IE-HF300 (new, only tested to make sure it works)

Ortofon e-Q7

Philips Fidelio S2

RHA MA600i

Shure SE315

Shure SE535 (inside one driver nozzle is missing the metal protective mesh, sounds and functions as normal)

Sony XBA-H1

Sony XBA-40 (white, silver)

V-Moda M100 (matte black with color matching shields and glossy black, stock pads and xl memory pads -both black)

Vsonic VSD1S

Zero Audio ZH-BX500-DC (armature driver)

Zero Audio ZH-DX210-CB (Carbo Basso)


Audio Technica ATH-ES700 (with stock and ESW9A leather pads)

Audio Technica ATH-WS99

Onkyo ES-HF300 (new, only tested to make sure it works)

Sonly MDR-1R Silver version


Audioquest Dragonfly + DragonTail

ALO "The Continental V3"

iBasso DX-100

iPod Classic - silver 6th Gen. 120GB + new battery and installation kit (original battery still holds a good charge)

Vibrato Vibration Speaker


BTG Audio Starlight CIEM cable (New)

DHC RS Silver Interconnect (mini to mini - 3 inches)

Furutech Silver Plated Copper Cable (mini to mini - 3.7 feet)

Moon Audio Blue Dragon Interconnect V2 (mini to mini - 3 inches)

Moon Audio Blue Dragon iPod to Mini V2  (3 inches)

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Is your continental V3 still available ?


Thanks !

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Originally Posted by cedboe View Post


Is your continental V3 still available ?

Thanks !
Sorry, it's been sold.
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