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AKG K 451 OR RHA SA950i

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Well hello,


i'm new here and i'm in a bit of a dilema.


Which headphones do you consider best? I listen to almost every type of music, from world music, to techno, hiphop, lot's of jazz and classical sometimes.

Which set of headphones are right for me between these two?


Best regards,

João Monteiro

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Just bought the rha sa950i. For 34 quid. Hope it was a good deal
Any thoughts?
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One more thing, would i benefit from an headphone amplifier for the RHA SA950i?

If so, what do you recomend? Considering the price of the headphones i don't want to spend too much.

It is mainly to use with the laptop so a usb connection to the laptop would be great!

Any thoughts? cheers

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No opinions here?
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I have read some reviews and the K451s seem to have good bass which Techno has so if it was me I would go with them. That and from what I have read on these forms AKG make good headphones

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I don't know much but I'm learning quick. Take time to read in this site and do some searching. I have learned a lot from here. If I don't know something I will look and find a answer for someone. I have more time than most.

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thanks!!! My problem here is that i listen to a lot of genres, if i wanted only for eletronic music i would go for AKG, but i listen to a lot of jazz, classical, rock too. That's why i'm in doubt

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I enjoy helping people just have patients with me and I'll find the answer somewhere LOL.

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haha much appreceated. I've already done some research, the akg sell for a higher price (double) on amazon U.S. but they cost almost the same in amazon UK, the thing is that i have already ordered the RHA, so i'm freaking out to know if i should change it or not.

I need to know the best between them pretty fast. that's why the rush

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In terms of frequency range:


AKG: 11 Hz - 29.5 KHz

RHA: 16 Hz - 22 KHz

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I have a Epic 4G I use Neutron player on it with Klipsch Image Ones. I listen to bands like Korn,Slipknot,God Smack Rob Zombie. I got mine for 149 but I have seen them since for 119. From what I have read and understand I would go with either one. Craftsmanship being a major importance since you need them portable they need to be strong. Does not do any good to have good sounding phones then they break. I really love Korn their new CD has some strong bass lines and so does the others.Five Finger Death Punch and Rammstein are also favorites of mine as will as Sarah Brightman so I listen to pretty much anything besides Country and Western. Can't stand the simple minded lyrics.

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