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Hi all. I need help with choosing my first customs. I will be upgrading from Shure SE215.

A little bit on my past earphones. I started off with the CX300 because like all adolescents at that time, bass is king. Progressed from there to the RE0 and hated it for it's neutrality (probably because I was using it directly from my source, an iPod nano) so I sold it off. Bought the JH13s but sold it off due to financial constraints. I'm no audiophile but the JH13s sounded slightly more towards the neutral side to me from what I remember (I last heard it 3 years ago) but the clarity, detail and everything made up for it. It was hard not to like it. After that, I proceeded to get the SE215. I like the bass on this but I am no bass head. However, the highs and mids suffer on this one. I like my music to be fun when it needs to be and soothing yet not too distracting when I'm studying.

The genres I listen to are indie folk, acoustic singer-songwriter-ish music, trance, electro house, a little jazz, alternative. It's quite a wide spectrum as you can see but what I really want is for the earphones to shine in the vocals and guitar department (for my acoustic and indie folk music and yet engaging enough for me to tap my feet while I listen to trance and electro house.

My current shortlist: 1964-V3, 1964-Q, VisionEars Stage 2, JH5, Noble Audio 3C and Noble Audio 4C.

I've read rave reviews on the V6 and V6s so I'm still contemplating whether to spend the extra cash on that since I've been all the way up to a 6-driver unit and it is very tempting (yes I know drivers quantity don't matter).

So please do advise! Thank you and happy listening!