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Best IEM for the gym?

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Vsonic GR01 vs Westone Adventure vs Fischer Audio DBA-02 MKII vs HiFiMan - RE 272 vs Brainwavz B2 vs others


What would be the best IEM that provides good lows, mids, and highs with good isolation and durability for a gym environment?

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I use the westone ADV's for rock climbing and running outdoors, they have held up extremely well, and the sound is extremely enjoyable. Westone also has a pretty good record for customer service (from my experience, they are almost unbeatable in terms of the larger IEM companies due to their US based nature), and also have continually put out quality products, so in short I think the Adventure series is the way to go.

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I use my reshelled TF10 for gym duty, but in the past the Shure 215 makes a great gym iem.  

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