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Converting .WAV to FLAC.... quality question....

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Which sounds better? .lol. Joking, won't go there.... question is this.... I'm using Audacity to record my vinyl collection, outputting 32bit flat .WAV files and 24bit uncompressed FLAC files as I go, problem is that Audacity takes a while to convert these files from its now native .aup capture so today, after doing the same for my CD's I figured that I may as well output to .WAV and use another program (Jetaudio) to then convert the .WAV to 24bit uncompressed .FLAC, there shouldn't be an issue with it whatso ever but I'm now questioning whether Jetaudios conversion is as good as Audacity's conversion considering Audacity is converting from the original .aup whereas Jetaudio would be converting from a converted .WAV and also might not be so good at it.


So the baseline question really is is a good program better at converting audio files than another? Can a program badly convert files like .WAV or .FLAC considering the at times overly analytical view that they are both exactly the same regardless...?


Think I'm going to end up using Audacity for both again, is just annoying as you can't do anything while it converts.




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As long as the conversion program is not adding any DSP or EQ, any WAV to FLAC conversion should be identical. The only difference would be in FLAC storage compression, some programs might have different defaults for that. Also, if you have doubts about Jetaudio or any other converter, you can convert newly generated FLAC back to WAV and compare to the original WAV that you started with, it should be identical on a sample level (file hashes may or may not match, depending on metadata inside the file). I can't say much about Jetaudio, I primarily use foobar for all my batch WAV and FLAC conversions.
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I don't think there's a difference in the files as such, but the performance of the tools can differ.


dbPoweramp, for example, can make use of multiple cores on the PC, so it encodes more than one track at once. A quad core CPU can easily be used to decode 4 tracks or more at once. Saves quite some time.

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Makes sense, the efficiency of programs in regards to processing will improve but essentially a £200 studio program still outputs the same as an open source program like Audacity..... as I'm not compressing anything Audacity should output the same size file as Jetaudio.... thanks for the help guys, wasn't sure about this one, should save me a whole heap of time.

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