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I have been absent long time from the forum.


Currently I am driving my Sennheiser HD650 on ASUS Xonar ST.


What I would like to ask this wonderful community is whether there is someone skillful for DYI projects to build me a custom amp for my headphones. Maybe a vacuum tube amp or anything that would drive my cans same or better than the Xonar.


I am willing to spend around $250 including parts and effort/labor. The shipping costs will be extra.


I wonder if this is possible. I will be most grateful because I do not have the required skills to build one on my own and where I live there are no descent options for buying op-amps etc. I will need to order everything online from abroad.


I know that the budget is pretty limited so I am not expecting a miracle. Just something decent to replace my Xonar ST which keeps me tied to my computer and also asks for a PCI slot on the motherboard which are slowly going into history with the new high end PC boards.


Thank you.