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MediaMonkey vs MusicBee

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These 2 programs are extremely similar in looks and functionality. Does anyone have experience with both, prefer one over the other?


Looking for feedback. I currently use MediaMonkey, but may make the switch if others have good experiences.

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I love Musicbee - i find it to be more customizable  with respect to layout and skins. I also love the theater mode especially Xbox mode. The built in EQ is excellent and you can also import Winamp plugins.

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I like MusicBee a lot more than MediaMonkey.


Two reasons: 1) It just works, 2) It's free.


My music collection is stored on a Synology NAS (my PC/laptop are both Win8). It only took a couple of clicks for MusicBee to find, scan and monitor my NAS. Even with the paid-for version of MM, I couldn't get it to scan the NAS, let alone monitor it. There's also an Android app for MB, which also just seems to work.


If I was going for a paid-for music manager, I think I'd go for JRiver, which (at least with the demo version), also just works with my PC/NAS.


That said, if Apple released a version of iTunes that worked with FLACs,  my iBasso DX50 and my Android phone, I'd be all over it...

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I've used the paid Gold version of MediaMonkey for years, its great as a music manager, but I have been using MusicBee more frequently. I even prefer it over Foobar2000. 

First it's FREE, AND Feature packed indeed. It's not an open sandbox for customization like Foobar2000 but there are still alot of customizable options for the interface. One thing that I like about it besides the interface is that it appears to be more Audiophile friendly.


WASAPI and ASIO support.

Supports 32-bit floating point with ASIO

Re sampling options to 48, 96, and 192 kHz sampling rates. It will even automatically re sample non-supported rates to the next highest rate. For example my notebook will not output 88.2 khz over TOSlink, so MusicBee automatically resamples it to 96 khz. For me this is very convenient.

Supports AccurateRip Secure Ripping,

Can rip to 24-bit for HDCD.


In addition I like how it shows a number of photos of the Artist, and shows Artist Bios and Lyrics. while the songs play.


Another thing is that MusicBee is frequently updated, I think its been over a year since we last saw an update for MediaMonkey!

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I used Winamp pretty often before. But when I heard the news that it would be discontinued, I looked for an alternative.


Something that had:

1) library

2) allowed you to search through your music library instantly

3) all this separated from your playlist

4) ability to refresh your library in case of any changes made on your library folder(s).

5) highly customizable


I tried Foobar, MediaMonkey, AIMP3, XMPlay (I'm not including here the WMP, iTunes or VLC, since as media players that can handle all I told you about, they're terrible. I do use VLC for video though).


So, what did I choose? MusicBee. That's your answer.


It took me about 2 hours to get it set up as I liked it (with all the keyboard shortcuts I used with Winamp and all), but I got it all, and I'm still reading that the freakin thing has a lot more room for customization, and it's being updated frequently?


Can't go wrong. Seriously.

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