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I'll try to post some on Monday. Unfortunately, the HE500 is my main at-work headphone. I finished up my last project early on Friday, so I just got enough time to do it before the weekend. I got in about 30 minutes with them before I had to go meet my wife for dinner. The sound was everything I hoped for. Honestly, it has never been so hard to leave work on a Friday evening. Apparently, I am a dork.
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Here we go. Probably not the prettiest iteration on this thread, but it's definitely working just fine.


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You've avoided covering up the openings with felt which I think is the primary goal. But you also want to eliminate reflections from the metal bars as much as possible by covering that part. Not too easy to do both. I had to do mine three times before I was satisfied (OCD ?? eek). P.S. For cutting I strongly suggest using a utility knife instead of scissors. Cut over a cutting board with the felt held down by a metal ruler. Oh yeah - use 3.5mm for measuring the strips instead of 4mm.


But ... at the end of the day it's the sound that matters ... and this mod is simply incredible in that regard. I would rate this the best mod of all of Jerg's mods for the old crop of Hifiman phones. I am really tempted to land an HE-6 before the old structural construction of Hifiman phones disappears just so I can extract the potential of the fuzzor mod.

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Yeah, it doesn't look quite as good as yours (which is amazing, BTW). I used the back side of a pen to ensure the openings were as unobscured as possible, so it looks a touch jagged in some spots. I will say, the metal is more covered than it looks like in the photo. I shot the picture at a somewhat downward angle, so you are looking into the headphone a little bit.

In my non-defense, I had an x-acto knife, cutting mat, rulers.... Everything you could want. I'm just all thumbs! You are right though, it's the sound that matters, and this makes a huge, huge improvement.

My hat's off to @jerg, this mod is absolutely amazing! smily_headphones1.gif
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