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I ordered the dragonfly and was so excited when it came in... after reading glorious review after review after review, I thought this would be the END ALL BE ALL of dacs.... the looks, the feel, the packaging, and the price... oh so sweet. Who needs to spend $1000's on a DAC, hahahaaaa suckers... this little beauty is all the glory of Gordon Rankin for only $250.... count me in!




MY THOUGHTS NOW (one year later)....




      + I can hear crisp details in my headphones and speakers


      + for watching movies on my laptop this thing is GREAT!


      + it has been fun playing with the dragonfly and understanding the traits of higher quality sound







      + I'm not really enjoying the actual music as much as I had hoped


      + when hooked into a typical stereo system at home, the family could care less if they even notice at all




(SIDE NOTES: I used to have a RWA Isabellina dac that I could listen to for hours and hours... make that into the size of a thumb drive and sell it to me for $250 and I would be happy happy happy happy).



Happy Holidays everyone, and thanks for letting me share my thoughts.


LA Mitchell