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Advice on Buying Used Ultrasone Pro 2500

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Hi All,


I am new to Head-Fi.


I am looking at buying a used Ultrasone Pro 2500. After browsing around I come to understand that the product is no longer being manufactured(?) I have been using In-Ear so far and this will be my pair of cans. 


So from the forums here I shortlisted the following that would suit my hearing preferences


1) Denon D600

2) Ultrasone Pro 900

3) Audio Technica M50


The asking price for the used can is $200. 


Please advice me if this is good buy for Pro 2500 or if I should save up and spend wisely on D600 or Pro 900.



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The PRO2500 is an excellent headphone. Balanced, with a little more meat in the bass area. Not too bright, contrary to most Ultrasones (due to being open air, it helps diffuse that treble a touch). Replaceable pads, detachable cable, and the body of the headphone is built like a tank. $200 is a great price for it, as it usually costed significantly more when it was produced still. It's basically the PRO750, but closed. I absolutely would get this over the PRO900 any day and definitely over the M50 toy.


At $200 though, you have other new options for open air headphones, new.

So the question becomes, why do you want the PRO2500? And ultimately you should just describe what kind of headphone and it's properties (physical and sonic) that you're after so we can help show you headphones you may not know about.


Very best,

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Thanks Mal.


So far I have been a In-Ear user(Senns, Creative, Sony) and this will be first foray into this league of headphones.


My listening preferences is mostly oriented toward electronic sounds. Recently I have been listening to a lot of electronic ambient chill-out like Cafe Del Mar, Ibiza Lounge and related genres.(perhaps you guys could suggest more in that as I am new to it). Ethereal, atmospheric kind of music with deep bass really rings my bells. 


Having said that, I want a hearing experience that has a spatial feel. (soundscape is the term i suppose?) But not at the cost of losing the of tight bass, crispness and clarity of the instruments used in the music.


This will be mostly for home listening. But it will be for long hours usage, so comfort matters.


I dont know if I can myself an audiophile but I have begun to pay close attention to details over the spectra of sound frequencies. 


I hope I was able to explain myself and give a hint at what I am looking. 


I look forward to your inputs.



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What are you going to be plugging this into?


I would probably start looking into:


Beyer DT990 PRO 250ohm

Philips Fidelio X1

Hifiman HE-400


The HE-400 is on sale for $300 new at Head-Direct this week. Incredible deal, if you can take your budget there. This would be my absolute recommendation at this price.


Very best,

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I will plugging this into my PC mostly. I also  will be using iPad, Sansa Fuze, Clip Zip.  I mostly have MP3s but I have a decent collection of FLACs.


Does the frequency response from the specification of the cans indicate how good the bass is? The Pro 2500 have a 10 Hz low vs HE-400 with 20 Hz?



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So I have narrowed it down to --- Used Ultrasone Pro 2500 vs Beyerdynamic DT900 250 OHM Pro.


The Ultrasones are at $200. The seller says its almost new and used a dozen times.


Amazon is selling them at $155 but with shipping to Canada it cost me about $200. Plus the Beyers at 250 Ohm will need an amp for the sources I have(Laptop/iPad/Sandisk). Maybe another $80-$100 more there.


I would have gone for HiFiMan but I missed the bus when they were selling at $299. But if they drop the price again I will grab it first.


This will be my first pair of cans.  So people, please help me take that first leap.


I *eagerly* wait for your inputs.



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