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For Sale: For Sale: Violectric HPA V100 [EU]

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For Sale:
For Sale: Violectric HPA V100 [EU]

Will Ship To: Within EU

For Sale is my Violectric V100 in a very good condition (just a little bit dusty:).


This powerful amp built like a tank with a full bodied tone. It has PRE-GAIN switch on the back to use it with different independence headphones. The amp has excellent ability to drive a wide range of headphones (I loved it with my HD800 and T1), so it can be a solid base for future upgrades.




1x gold plated balanced Neutrik XLR connectors

1x unbalanced gold plated RCA connectors (can be set as unbalanced output)




2x silver-plated Neutrik headphone outputs



It is possible to upgrade this amplifier with an USB DAC or toslink.


Here is some more information on the amp:



I don’t have the box, but it will be safely packed.


The price is 400€ with shipping included within EU.


Payment method: Preferred bank transfer or PayPal (buyer pay transaction fee)

PM me if you have any question.

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