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Damn... thats pretty obsessive. She probably hasn't been laid in 10 years or something. I'd just ask her to switch apartments or something.
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1) You should definately take action towards having the web page removed.
2) Threaten her with a liable suit. Anything that she says about you that is untrue can and will be held against her if you do file suit. You are in training to be a doctor and as such, the potential loss of wages from such a defamation could be quite large. In Southern California you can seek triple damages so she should shut up rather quickly.
3) Push the problem off on your appartment manager. If they can't or aren't willing to get rid of her, they need to bring a remedy that will work for you both. It would not be unreasonable for them to rip up your carpets and put sound deadening materials below your floor. I've been in your appartment, your floor creaks a lot and it isn't reasonable for you to have to tip toe around your appartment.
4) Read up on the various law concerning noise violations. Make sure you aren't actually breaking any of them.

Good luck man!
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That's foul. She shouldn't be calling you names like that. How old is she??

IMO - first thing first, get the webpage removed. moving out would be the best solution. Don't quarrel with lunatics... you might lose your sanity in the process.

Let's see if the next neighbor has any luck. BTW, do you have a very loud and obnoxious friend/acquaintance who is looking for housing?
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Man, it's gonna be a remake of 1944's Gaslight movie (2 Oscars).

"....Later that evening, while Gregory is presumably practicing the piano and composing in a rented apartment nearby, Paula insists to Nancy that the gaslights dim in her bedroom: "That's odd," but her maid claims that she didn't turn the gas up in another room: "I never touched it." Her fears are heightened when she hears strange noises like footsteps from the third floor attic (the entrance has been boarded up) where all of her dead aunt's furniture and possessions are stored..."
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LOL, I just got a really good tip from a friend. You could also contact the Anti Defamation League about her comments of posting libelous information calling you a "Yeti" and such. Racial slurs, I say!

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Right now my stomach is still hurting from laughing so hard (sorry...), that person is obviously not quite sane.
Notice the things she writes about the children, in her opinion they are very bad too, jeez.
I bet the times she finds your music acceptable is when she is actually hearing your headphones, lol.

I think the silly namecalling is very unbecoming and childish, if perhaps very amusing and entertaining for everyone except her victim.....
I feel sorry for you man I hope you can work this out.
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Simple solution for her:
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LOL, Ed/Spent&Bent, I actually find her rant amusing too, it's just that the consequences might not be too funny
This woman is pushing 50, and lives with her mom. I also can't understand why she talks about the kids and me in the same sentence, cos they sure as hell weren't playing in my apartment!

On a serious note, I've sent an email to I think that's the correct contact address for her ISP. I'm also planning on meeting the manager this evening to discuss the matter. Perhaps meet the woman again I predict that from today onwards I will be a full fledged head-fi enthusiast...speakers? bah!
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What's a little freaky is that you seem to be the centre or attention in her life...that would bother me a little. Not sure what I'd do but I'd definately find out what I could do....
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Originally Posted by Ozric
I predict that from today onwards I will be a full fledged head-fi enthusiast...speakers? bah!
Wait, you don't think she works for Head-Fi, do you?
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Copy the page. Keep updated copies. Keep in contact with the landlord. It appears that the landlord/manager has tried to explain the facts of life to her, without success. The next step is to contact an attorney. A letter from an attorney should suffice. However, if she doesn't get the hint, a litigation could be expensive. You want to avoid this if you can. However, unless she's lost her mind completely, so does she.

I was president of a large condo association (500 + units) for several years, and handled people like this from time to time. I've gone so far as to have pople call me when it was noisy, so I could go to their unit and personally confirm the noise level. In most cases, it was quieter in their unit than mine (which is not particularly noisy). Basically, some people expect the same level of silence in a garden apartment that they would get in a single family house. Guess what? They're not going to get that level of quiet in an apartment. Ever. Unfortunately, these people can make life hell for their neighbors until they figure this out or move out.
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I'd be scared to death. I'd also move.

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I dunno, all that stomping around by my heavy-set upstairs neighbor can get hella annoying when I'm trying to listen to my cans. Though I haven't made a blog about it...yet
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Originally Posted by mulveling
I dunno, all that stomping around by my heavy-set upstairs neighbor can get hella annoying when I'm trying to listen to my cans. Though I haven't made a blog about it...yet
yeah but if Vikram actually weights more than 160Lbs I'd be amazed...
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