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Originally Posted by krismusic View Post

I'll never understand why people post if they have never heard what is being discussed.
OP says he is not an audiophile. I suggest a cheap pair if IEM's to see if you get on with them. I started with Sennheiser CX300's.

hmmmmm, i think it may save him ANOTHER 300$ actually to go for something which is worth it! Not saying cheap iems are not worth it, but you're much more lucky to aim a bit higher then to go basic, 4 times before aiming higher....



And yes, people post where they's called freedom. 

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People are suggesting $179 headphones which he may hate wearing. Posting opinions culled from reading other peoples experience is freedom? Fill your boots!
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same thing for 60$ headphones with less resell value. 


Sorry for my harsh words, wasn't personnel ! 

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Actually I was being a bit arrogant.
Just seems best if we stick to personal experience as this hobby is very subjective.
I agree with buying the best you can if you are on a quest for excellence.
I still think it is worth spending $20 to check whether you can tolerate having IEM's in your ears though and I enjoyed the 300's for what they were...
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No problem! :-)
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