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Ok so I got this old walkman and I'm going to give it away to a cousin, long story short, its old, and the lithium battery doesn't last more than 20 mins, so I want to replace it


I have looked on Internet and I have read that the battery I can use to replace it could be something like this:


which is accurate enough in the one in the device and dimensions and whatnot so it could work.


Now the PROBLEM here is that I cant open then damn thing, I obviously tried undoing all the screws (read 1), some pulling, twisting and whatnot with little success, I don't want to manhandle it and break it right off, does anyone got actual experience replacing the battery or knows of a website that gives the actual instructions to do it?


(I cant post images, but the walkman is easy to see in a simple google search, is that little cylinder black thing, also yes, I tried looking for instructions myself before writing this, the most promising link providing them was to a forum that is undergoing renovations and is down as for right now)


thanks in advanced