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For Sale:
Triad Audio L3 / LLP combo PRICE DROP

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have been offered an Amp/Dac combo that I cannot refuse so I regretfully have to sell my Triad Audio L3 amp. It comes with upgraded batteries which will make it last about 16 hours on a single charge. This little beast sounds excellent for a portable with plenty of power. A gain switch means it can be used with IEMs (I have very sensitive ES5's) and has enough power to drive planar magnetic effortlessly. Also features a bass knob which very subtly changes the low end, but noticeably so on planar magnetic.


BUT with the LLP, which is the matching purpose built power supply, the amp really comes alive! Instead of the 18V from batteries it runs 24V off power and it morph's the L3 into a desktop beating amp. The difference is quite noticeable on planar headphones. Bass just becomes tectonic. It also double up as a charger for the L3. Accepts 100-240V via mains.


You can remove the batteries out of the L3 and turn the LLP voltage right up to 28V for even more power. I have not tried this but apparently it takes the L3 a step further again.


The amp and power supply are about 18 months old, seldom used, probably 400 hours max if that. Both are in excellent to perfect condition and come with all original boxes. Only reason for selling is that I have been offered a desktop amp/dac combo that I cannot refuse.


Will ship anywhere but at buyers expense. You must pay paypal fees. I estimate it to cost somewhere around $80 to ship to USA for instance, $30 locally. Pickup welcome of course.

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