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Headphones for Metal....

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I didn't want to do this but forum searches won't show anything to my criteria so here goes.


I am looking for some decent cans matching as much of the following if you will:


closed back: I'm at home for the moment with folks that don't necessarily approve of my musical tastes:


Metal: I listen to a lot in the genre. Lately I've been getting into the likes of Orchestral death metal (Fleshgod Apocalypse, Wintersun, Dimm Borgir, Dragonforce) lots of djent lately (Meshuggah, Nociceptor, Tesseract)

But there is also a lot of exploration as well (The Human Abstract, Threat Signal, August Burns Red, Coheed and Cambria, Fear Factory, The Contortionists, Startkill.....)


As such they have to be pretty fast, accurate, able to discern all that's going on especially for the busier stuff.


I also do a bit of gaming and video editing though these don't need to be an all rounder since my 668Bs wont be going anywhere.


for ~$150-$300


I would just leave this to my own exploration since I've already spotted a few cans I will eventually be getting anyway out of my own curiosity but I need something for the moment.


Edit: My current Source= Laptop + Fiio E11

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I listen to Korn,Slipknot,Fear Factory and Five Finger Death Punch. I have HDJ-2000 Pioneers and I like the sound. Not too bassy and the mids are good. Now I'm looking for a better amp and dac than my xonar sound card. I have heard the Grados are good but they are open back and sound may bleed outside. I have to use closed back because another person is around. I got the phones for 140 at BB in store. On line they were 349. Voices are also good and they are good for movies. I hope this helps.

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They are not too bright or muddy. Give them a try I don't think you will be disappointed with the sound. Don't know what your using them with. They sound good through my sound card and my Sony str-dh830 receiver. Like I said I listen to all kinds of metal bands and they are great as far as I'm concerned. God Smack even Sarah Brightman sounds good. Movies if you plan that too are Batman,Matrix,and some anime. Ghost In The Shell and such. Really pleased with them and the are built out of a alloy so they are metal. Once you wear them for a while they are comfortable. I have set for 2 hours watching TV through my receiver and not problem. They are built strong so they should not fall apart too soon. Rock on man.

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lol. I probably should have mentioned my source :p


I am currently using my laptop and a Fiio E11, planing to upgrade to a Creative Soundblaster X-fi Titanium

and  possibly the Aune T1 for exploratory purposes


Thanks for the response. Will look into them pioneers

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You're welcome man. Glad I could help another metal head. I like trying new music. Curious what does orchestra metal sound like if you can describe it.

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Originally Posted by jimdandy View Post

You're welcome man. Glad I could help another metal head. I like trying new music. Curious what does orchestra metal sound like if you can describe it.

It depends. Fleshgod likes to incorporate the guitars in as a section of strings in the orchestra. Add a opera singer and greek mythology and you have a high energy fast paced piece that'll blow cave your skull in (does for me anyway) :wink_face:


Other tend to incorporate the non traditional instrumentation at key places in the song. It all creates their own version of overall epic pieces in their own fashion.

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I don't know if going to a sound card would be an upgrade but then I don't know what your amp /dac sounds like. The sound card might have more options for editing too. But,still keep the usb amp just in case you change your mind. I want to get rid of mine and get a WA6 or WA7 with Cambridge DAC Magic 100. Don't what know they are going to sound like with metal. Hope I get a response soon on my thread I just did. Also you might look at the ZXR Creative as will. Little more money but the daughter card has inputs I believe. Might help with your editing.:beerchug: 

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In an other thread I'm being talked into the Aune T1 lol. I asked about the Creative X-Fi HD and Schiit M&M and they all sound useful to my cause.


The ZXR looks neat too, especially since I'm looking into parts for a PC build I'm about to do. Could be useful before hand too.


I think I'm about to have myself christmas before christmas :k701smile:  :beerchug:

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I'm going to email Schiit about the Vali to see if it will work with my HDJ-2000s. I hope it does. Some have said low impedance phones would have a hard time with it. If it does I'll go ahead and get it. Thanks for the conversation. Happy Thanksgiving.

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