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I'm looking to buy myself my first pair of audiophile grade headphones (Q701) and recently had a revelation...

All of my songs are MP3s!


Unless anyone can persuade me that the 320kbps files from Google Play are detailed enough, I need to go lossless. I'll probably start purchasing my music in a lossless format like FLAC, and then uploading a copy of them to Google Play for mobile use. Given that I've only ever really purchased my music from markets like iTunes and Google Play, where would you recommend I go? Are there any sites that offer a music matching service like Google Play? If not, where can I get the widest selection?


Also, as i'm relatively new to these forums, I apologize if this isn't posted in the correct forum.

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There are people on here that will try to convince you that 320 MP3 or 256 AAC is good enough. Those people are wrong. :D


Here's a link for lossless download sites:




Or, you can always buy used CDs from Amazon and rip them to FLAC. If you store the FLAC files in a folder and link that folder to Google Play, then Google Play will make 320 MP3 copies of those FLAC files for you in the cloud. Then you'll have the lossless FLAC files on your hard drive and you'll have lossy MP3s on Google Play.

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