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comply foam tips ?

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Hi, which comply foam tips are compatible with meelectronics a161p ? Or which ones are the best, t-100, t-400 or p series ? 

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Comply has a very useful resource called comply tip finder where you can look for your particular model.

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Ok, so there are 5 types, active, isolation, comfort, isolation plus and comfort plus . Which one is the best or most popular ? 

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I have used the S (Active), T (Isolation) and TX (Isolation Plus) tips.  I would say ignore the S-tips, the foam material is not as smooth as the T-tips and they felt scratchy in my ears and did not provide great isolation either.  For the best bang for the buck, go for the T-tips, they feel very soft in the ears and isolate pretty well, the TX just has an additional wax guard which I don't think warrants the extra cost (unless of course you produce a lot of earwax).


If you don't know already, Comply are offering a 25% discount if you are ordering from their store.  Enter "Fall2013" at the checkout and the offer expires midnight 2 Dec 2013.

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Has anyone personally used the T-tips for the a161p ? I'm trying to decide which size would be best, s / m / l . I'm currently using the single-flanged medium sized ear tips for the a161p. Should I just go for the medium T-tips , would it be similar in size to what i'm using right now ?  

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I don't own the a161p, but from my experience, if you use medium tips on your existing earphones, then the same size comply tips should also be a good fit.


If you go to the T-200 tips page, it has specification for height and diameter, maybe that will help.

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Comply tip sizes are comparable to silicone tip sizes. You should be safe going for medium tips, but if you want to be sure you can get the mixed pack. 


I usually use the tips with the wax guard in them. I like and use the "isolation plus" tips.

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