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Hey audiophiles,

recently I picked up a pair of Audio Technica m50s the only probably is that I am 99% sure that they're counterfeits. The audio doesn't sounds as crispt as I would expect from the reviews. The base seems just about dead when compaired to my bose ie2 ear buds. It seems more like a sound than a feeling.

Its not too upsetting because I think that it might be possible to still have some fun with these.
A while ago I did manage to find some Jabra C820S noise cancelling head phones in a thrift store for about $5. I was using those for about a year before the band cracked and I haven't replaced them since although the audio works perfectly

I have a plan and I was looking to see if I could get any insite or help
I want to replace the m50 speakers with that of the C820S noise cancelling. I know that it would be a rather difficult project considering the noisecanceling has a board/battery/switch.
Any ideas or suggestions? I can take some photos later when I am at home for the weekend.
I'll be testing the audio on these during the train ride. The levels seem really low and the base is dead. They start to sound pretty crisp when the volume is near max but at 50% its 50% of what my earbuds do.

Let me know what you guys think!