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For Sale: PS Audio Nuwave DAC

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
PS Audio Nuwave DAC

Will Ship To: US

I have also decided to upgrade my DAC. I will sell this one month old DAC which I bought directly from PS audio last month. It is in perfect working condition and there is no scratch on the surface. I have all the original packaging and paper work. 


The price includes shipping cost and paypal fee. US only. 



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I have updated the picture and price. 

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I am really really sorry guys, but I have just received some bad news, and I have to go back to Canada as soon as possible. So I think I will go back to Canada on Saturday and I have to stay there until the middle of December. I do not think I will be able to ship this DAC until that time. I will sell this unit again after I come back.

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The listing is reopened. 

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just out of curiosity, what DAC did you upgrade to?

I see you have the BHA-1, so do I, with the BDA-1 DAC and with great sounding results.

With PS Audio DACs the sound gets too lean and bright with the BHA-1...

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Hi Karman, I just bought april music eximus dp1, I have not received it yet. I have sold my BHA-1, I am using WA22 right now. I am not sure if DP1 will be a good match with my WA22. 

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How does the WA22 sound compared to the BHA-1?

With my AKG K550 the BHA-1 sounds a bit lean and bright.

With the Sennheiser HD600 it is a little better, but still not as warm as the PS Audio GCHA.

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With my tubes, you can check my other classified to see the tube I am using, they are in totally different league. WA22 is very detailed and smooth. Especially when paired with my HD800, it sounds incredible. However those tubes cost me more than 3000, which is bad thing for my wallet.
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