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I plays keys in a variety band. I've been using our sounds guys' IEMs, which are Shure SE 215s plugged into what I'm pretty sure is a Shure pack. I'm looking to get my own and to get custom molded earpieces.

I'm not incredibly discerning about sound quality, so I'm not planning on listening to my gearhead bandmates who tell me, "Hey, these are things you're putting in your very own ears, you might as well spend $1200 on them and do it right!" but I have enough to spend that I'm not just gonna get new 215s for $100 (plus molds). I'd love to spend around $400 but saving is always good.

I figured I'd get the Shure SE 315s, for $200 plus molds (which appear to be around $130). Then My Sweetwater guy pointed me to the Westone UM 2 RC for $169, though I don't know how much molds for that would be; he says I'd need to go to an audiologist. Seeing that the Westones are dual drivers I figured I'd look at the Shure SE 425s, for $250-300 plus molds, which if they are worth it I would be fine spending the extra money on.

Opinions on these models, given my specific needs? Just as IEMs, I'm not concerned with listening to music on my ipad or anything else. I appreciate the input, thanks!
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