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DX50: Should the menu be re-arranged?

Poll Results: How would you prefer the "My Music" menu on the DX50?

  • 45% (19)
    Keep it as it is! (Now Playing -> Directory -> Playlist -> All Music -> Album -> Artist -> Genre)
  • 16% (7)
    Have it make sense! (Artist -> Album -> All Music -> Directory -> Now Playing -> Playlist -> Genre)
  • 35% (15)
    They should totally enable users to re-arrange that menu as they damn well please.
  • 2% (1)
    Let me tell you how it's done! (Comment below)
42 Total Votes  
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Am I the only one bugged by the layout of the "My Music" menu on the Ibasso DX50? I sent them an email, rudely telling them how it should be done and they had the audacity to ask me to explain why MY WAY would be better. I uhm... I couldn't come up with a better answer than "BECAUSE I WANT IT MY WAY!" so I figured the best thing to do would be to tap the Head-Fi hivemind. Answer the poll, feel free to add comments as well!

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To tell you the truth, the current way doesn't bug me at all…


I agree that your way is quite logical, maybe even MORE logical, but I also see some drawbacks: people who use the OTG a lot definitely use the directory entry a lot (as it's the only ay to access it for the first time), much more than the artist/album entries. And I'm really quite fine with things as they stand, so I voted that way :) . Having users be able to arrange things as they please (3rd possible poll answer) would also be VERY nice (we are all different, after all), but, on the other hand, I do think that ibasso should concentrate on other priorities for FW updates :) (like, introducing a forced scan option on what you connect through OTG)... 

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Pretty much, the only dog I have in this fight is the Artist.  That is the only selection I have used so far.  So if it was closer to the top for me, that would be better.


Considering what I have read about the functionality of the playlist, (it doesn't seem great) that should be very low on the list.


User selectable and arrangable would be great.  I would love to deselect categories that I don't use.  

<Artist> <Now Playing> <Directory>

That is all I would have on my screen if I could select and arrange the categories myself.  (I guess I should have thought about this more before I voted.  ha ha.)


Thanks for the poll Sorensiim.

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i mostly prefer Directory Mode.

for this the current one is fine for me.

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The most sensible order would be: Now Playing  ->Album ->Artist ->Genre ->Directory ->Playlist ->All Music


The access on the album is for the majority of users certainly the most comfortable. Again, the album art display.
Artist shows individual title and albums is therefore also frequently used, it eliminates the alphabetical search for the directories and their names.

The same is true with the genre. It will be the best albums and title displayed.

My preferred looking for is album or artist.

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I like the order suggested by pnix: now playing -> album -> artist -> genre -> directory -> playlist -> all music.


Outside of now playing, I probably use album and artist most frequently and dislike having to scroll down to them. 

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As it is. Never get past "Directory"!

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I wish they had it:


 Now Playing ->Album ->Artist ->Genre ->All Music ->Playlist -> Directory


I hate scrolling down to the bottom for Artist, I use Artist more than anything.

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Well - I voted for the option to allow users re-arrange as we see fit.  However, as a backup plan I would suggest the concept of alphabetical order seeing as my brain finds that the most logical way for menu list to be ordered and instinctive when one needs to scroll to find something.  I still would prefer the option to customize.




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Just wanted to add my two cents:

Now Playing






All Music


Just my liking but you got a point if iBasso could make it option-able, that would be even better then you can decide what arrangements is best for yourself.

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