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Finding open-sounding 120~200$ headphones for music

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Hello, I have been on Head-Fi for a long time but never bothered to make an account until today.
I own a Shure 440 and needless to say, it is amazing :D (At least for me).

Soon, I am going to buy a new pair of hopefully better sounding head phones.

However, I do not know what to go for next...  I wish that the experts here can recommend a good headphone for me.


I mainly listen to music, but occasionally do some gaming. I only listen to music at home and in the car.

Music Genre: K-POP, POP, Jazz, Rock, String Instruments... (An all-rounder would be good)

                     I focus on the rich sounding, female vocal, clarity, detail & soundstage...... Bass? Not that much.


Sound Isolation: I usually listen to music at my living room which is a little noisy, so sound isolation does matter to some degree.

Sound Leakage: Equally important with isolation but as nobody in my family cares, doesn't matter too much.

Comfort: The Shure440 hurts my ear after 1 hour because my ear can touch the inside of the cans (840's pads would help)              and my ears would start sweating.

             A headphone with better comfort would obviously help..

Soundstage: The main reason I want a new headphone as the Shure 440's soundstage is rather narrow, as if all the music                     are coming from one location. I want a good headphone with a wide soundstage.


Price > Sound Quality > Comfort > Build Quality > Portability


Soundstage > Detail/Clarity > Vocal > Bass


And to members that live in Malaysia, hopefully the recommended headphone can be tested at Jaben so I can listen to it before buying it.


Anyone can recommend a headphone for me?

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Open (not sealed) or sealed headphone? Does it matter?
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You should consider Pioneer Se A1000 (cheap) and Audiotecnica Ad700/x.

Most headphones with wide soundstage don't isolate well.

If you like Shure's sound signature, Srh-840 is still a solid pick (if you prefer having some isolation)

Best Luck!
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Sorry for the late reply, my computer has been getting BSOD due to Hard drive errors so I can't stay online for long berfore it crashes.

I love the wide soundstage that you get from open headphones but they usually don't isolate well ...:(

I know that some closed-back headphones have wide soundstage so I hope that I could find one.


I don't really like Shure's sound signature (The music is in your face), yet I haven't have the time to hear other headphones to find one that I like.

Me x3, the Pioneer Se A1000 seem very cheap, how well do they compare?

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Pioneer Se-A1000 are indeed very good headphones for the price. I think its original retail price was around 150 dollars. Nowadays this can be found around 50 dollars. While most people seem to agree that Se-A1000 are not at the same level as Sennheiser Hd558/598 this headphones cost 3 or 4 times the price of Pioneer Se-A1000.


In my opinion, Se A1000 are a very good way of going into open headphones for the first time. Their sound signature is smooth and pretty forgiving of poorly recorded music, without peaks that distort voices. Their mids are quite veiled, and their bass is full but not really tight. They sound really open, and pair really well with binaural recordings.


It is not really easy to find closed headphones with very good soundstage under 200. Maybe you should read about AudioTechnica A900/A900x. Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 250 Ohm seem to be also a good pick, but they need extra amplification.


Best Luck!

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Okay, I will give that a try. Thanks for the help!
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Here's a link to a pair of HD580's in the FS forums. They're asking $100. That's such a good price for those, they share the same drivers as the HD600. They're also including an HD650 upgrade cable. Real quality headphones for a VERY low price. 



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