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For Sale: >>>Anasz' whole system clearance!!<<<

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$0.00 (USD)
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
>>>Anasz' whole system clearance!!<<<

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I am switching to speakers after hearing a quad system coupled with rogers ls3/5a. Convinience is another culprit, sometimes I just want to sit back and relax without being hooked to a cable, or when I'm up for a light exercise.

All items were only used inside my bedroom, in a non smoking house. And I always put my headphones to their box afterward (except for my hd800 I just lay them on the table because I use it the most).

All items were bought new and ARE LESS THAN 1 YEAR OLD except for audio technica w3000anv which I bought from a member here SirBenn21 and the denon d7000 which is 4-5 years old.

The woo audio sets were bought and arrived around july this year.

Without further ramblings here goes!

1. Denon ahd7000
My oldest headphone, about 4-5 years old now. Has a scratch near the right cup, it's in the picture. Also has some minor wear and tear on the metal part. The headband is in good condition. The wooden cup looks new aside from some very soft scracth from wear and tear that you wouldnt be able to see unless under direct sunlight. Original cabke is also in good condition.
Price: $800

2. Sennheiser HD800
My second pair, bought around MAY THIS YEAR. I have the original receipt from jaben if required. Has VERY slight paint chip which is shown in the picture. Everythingelse is in perfect condition. Comes with SAA endorphin cable which is around $700 new, head to their website for exact price. Oh and it is slightly shorter than the original cable. The original cable itself is in perfect condition. I use this usually 3-4 hours 3-4 times a week at night.
Price: $1600

3. Audio technica w3000anv
Bought this from a member here sirbenn21 around september, used for less than 10hours but didnt like it, so I put it back in the box till now. Condition is 99% and the first owner purchased it around september 2012 if im not mistaken.
Price: $1100 (I made a thread to sell this few weeks back but it was deleted because it was considered flipping eventhough I only wanted to cover shipping).

4. Woo audio WA5LE
Perfect condition, no physical scratch.
Comes with all stock tubes plus:
1 pair of usaf 596
2 pairs of national union 6f8g
1 pair of rca 6f8g
1 pair of sophia princess 274b
1 pair of 6sn7 tungsol 'rabbit/mouse ears
1 pair of 6sn7 rca
Price: $2600

5. Woo audio wds-1
Perfect condition no physical defects.
Price: $1000

6. Woo audio wtp-1
Perfect condition no physical defects.
Price: $1000

I am located in Indonesia and so shipping to southeast asia and australia is FREE.
Shipping to anywherelse in the world is covered by the buyers, althkugh I am willing to share it to some extent.

Any purchase of more than 1 item will get additional discount.
And if you decide to buy everything I am willing to give a considerable discount.

More pictures will be provided upon request.

Payment is via paypal or bank transfer, fees are negotiable.

The woo sets are preferred to be sold as one package, especially the wds-1 and wtp-1.

That is all folks, I am looking to sell these fast so I can switch to speakers asap, so do not be afraid to send me a nudge biggrin.gif
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Pictures added









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Super collection !!!

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Thanks man, I really wish I could keep both headphone and speaker systems but that's redundant :frown:

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Willing to sell the 596 pair separately? biggrin.gif
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I would totally buy the WA5LE if you lived in the states. I would be too nervous having it shipped overseas. :P

Good luck with the sale!

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Josh, I still have the complete packaging when Jack from woo audio shipped them to me, so I say rest assured wink.gif
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Damn, I would like to get the wa5 le if I have the money.;)

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PM sent!

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W3000ANV pictures as promised, enjoy!








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PM sent

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Are you allowing the HD800 to be sold without the SAA cable?

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Originally Posted by anasztasia View Post


They're so pretty.

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I would really prefer the SAA cable to go with hd800, but PM me for a price that you think is reasonable for the hd800 alone. 


And Todd your meme describes me best when I first laid my eyes on those hotties:D

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