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Dual amps

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I currently have a Schiit Asgard 2/Bifrost combo being run from the optical out of my computer's soundcard.


Will adding a second amplifier from the soundcard's 3.5 mm jack (soundcard------>3.5mm to RCA cable -------->Schiit Magni) have any negative affect (i.e. signal drop) if they are both being run at once? I want a second person to be able to watch movies with me at night without disturbing others in my house.


I'm assuming there won't be since the optical out is a digital signal and the other would be running off the soundcard's amp but I thought I'd ask anyway:veryevil:.

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Or maybe a RCA splitter from my DAC to use for both amps? I have read more evidence to suggest that this can degrade signal?
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For watching movies I think the easiest way to answer the question is, how important is SQ in this scenario? If there's slight signal degradation, you are the only person who will know, and even then you probably wouldn't care. If you're demoing headphones, that's probably another story.


I'd just make sure that the combined (i.e. divided) input impedance of both amps isn't less than say 16 ohms.

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I might just have the second amp take advantage of the DAC in my soundcard afterall.

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