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$1,000+ Earphone ? Is it worth ? AKG K3003

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I know people will tell me to test out myself in store or what, but seriously, in my country you're nearly unable to find any store that sell professional audio stuff

So, a $1,000+ is even hard to find.... especially the handmade akg k3003


Ok now go back on topic,

My uncle said he can buy me something around $1,000 for my graduation..

After doing some search, i found akg3003.... 

but question is compare akg3003 to earphones around $100

how significant is the differences ? ... 


I currently own akg k550 headphones, and i love it, but need a earphone for daily use.


Sorry for my english, I'm foreigner :)

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I would say don't spend 1k on any earphone for a graduation gift, it could be better spent in other ways....

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The akg 3003 dont have detachable cables if you are going to use it a lot and outside it does not make sense spend 1000$, It's not practical you are going to take care of them a lot and probably some day the cable will fail

Buy something cheaper like the fa 4e xb which are sturdier with detachable cables and cost 500$ while performs in the 1000$ league and you still have 500$ to burn, you have other options in the 1000 dollars tier like custom iems or earsonics s-em6 for example to me the akg 3003 looks fragile to use them daily and outside home

Or spend the money in other things xD
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cool uncle you've got there. paid more than a grand for mine and don't regret it. would've been even happier if they cost less tho. wink.gif
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Imo theres nothing wrong with the price but if It doesnt have a removable cable I dont think its worth ig. Imo
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well it's not the only high end universal that doesn't come with removable cables. it's not an issue for me tbh.
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Instead of the cables, how about the sound compare to $100~$400 earphones ?

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can't help you there chief. bought the k3003 after comparing them to other phones in that price bracket.
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What kind of use are you going to do with them? What kind of music do you like? Which is your source?

1000$ iems usually outperforms 400 $ iems but not all as ive said the fa 4e xb cost 500 and people are selling their 1000+ iems and keep the fa 4e xb. You have comparations in the thread between them and tg334 (1300$) or s-em6 (1000 euros)

Another important thing is what kind of sound signature are you looking for?
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Actually i listen to quite big range of music, from full instrumental, single instrument(piano violin), so when i listen to this, i want it to sound crisp and clear

sometimes i listen to electro house, dubstep, drumstep, trance, and i want them to sound bassy but not over like beats...


my choice for headphone is akg k550, and it does what i want,

but now is needing one that can use while traveling in cars,bus,train...


How about logitech UE900

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Its said the fa 4e xb is a better ue900 and great all rounders, sound is crisp and clear but more bassy than the ue900, the ue 900 is flatter but less extended at both ends, less detailed and not as spacious - 3d i think the fa 4e can suit you well i have other iems in that price range as westone um3x or sm3 v2 and believe me the fa 4e are clearly better check the thread anyway. To equal fa 4e sound you need to spend some hundreds more...

For that use i recommend you something sturdy with detachable cables and good isolation and the fa 4e does this

Anyway wait for more recommendations and read by yourself smily_headphones1.gif
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I'd honestly rather spend 1k on a nice, full-size headphone. I find it VERY hard to justify spending over $500 on a non-custom iem. 

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it's a gift to the op so it's costing him nothing. most 1k plus headphones aren't made for portable use - that's where earphones come in. custom earphones aren't for everyone and definitely not for me - that's where universals come in. you don't get much change back from a grand when you cough up for a high end earphone. the k3003 was just right for me - sound, comfort, looks and build quality. don't feel a need to upgrade and not all that interested in new entries to the market - that's money well spent in the long run IMO. smily_headphones1.gif
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Originally Posted by Cyyap View Post

Instead of the cables, how about the sound compare to $100~$400 earphones ?

In my experience, they just sound incredibly neutral. Just purely neutral. Absolutely flat. Neutral. No accentuation anywhere and very clear. 

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