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I've been using a Dell M6700 mobile workstation for work and play.

Recently I purchased a Sony MDR Z1000 for both of my laptop and my cellphone which is Galaxy  note 3.

Now I'm thinking of upgrading for a sound card or DAC to maximum the performance of Z1000.

So I'm seeking advice here.


I guess my laptop has a built in Realtek sound card and Z1000 works fine with it.

The sound is acceptable through the earphone jack.

While with my phone, the sound is unacceptable.

There's nearly no bass at all, and the sound is kind of narrow.

Actually I don't know how to express that feel because I'm new to the hifi area.

So I'm thinking of getting a mobile DAC which can work both for my laptop and phone.

I'm considering Sony PHA 2 for now.

Is it a good choice?


So my question is should I get a external sound card for my laptop?

If the answer is yes, any recommendations?

I'm limited to only mobile device right now because I live in a dorm.

My laptop have a firewire 6pin port, I really want to put that in use.

So should I get the professional firewire sound card like Konnekt 8 and M-Audio ProFire?


I used the headphone mostly for music and movies in case you're wondering.


So please hit me with some options.