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DAC Question

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Hey guys, its been awhile since i've been on here and whatnot but i'm looking into upgrading my cmoy bbv2.02 to a jdslabs O2. The question I have though is about DACs. I use my phone (optimus f3) as my main music source. Since there's no LOD for android devices that bypasses the internal DAC/AMP would it be pointless to get the ODAC+O2 combo? DAC is mainly for computers via the USB cord and ipods/iphones that has the LOD to bypass the internal DAC/AMP right? Also, do you guys think there will be much of a noticable difference when I upgrade to the O2 from my cmoy? Thanks for the help.

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Question is whether the phone has OTG, if so that would mean you can use it with a DAC.

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