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I just bought my WS99 a week ago and I think they are pretty good heaphones. These are my first "good" headphones (I always bought those 10 to 14 bucks headphones). I have two problems with them. One is that they are uncomfortable for me and they don't come with a case and the cable is not detachable. I was wondering if it was a good option to send them back to amazon and buy the m100 or the momemtum, or keep them and buy an amp.

Also, will the momemtums be good headphones for me? Or the will the m100 be a better choice?

I used them for movies, gaming, and music. I listen to electronic, dubstep, rock, pop, and a little of hip hop.

I like good bass on headphones, that's why I bought the WS99, but I need something more comfortable and portable and maybe better in sound quality if it is possible.


If I get another pair of headphones that are 300 to 350 I won't be able to buy an amp, so what what do you guys think is my best option?


Thank you!