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In need of nice IEMs!

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I'm looking for IEMs under $130 and I'm not sure what's out there. I've look at RHA m750s, some different ultimate ears and Akg 375. I'm looking for a wide soundstage and pretty flat sound but not opposed to something that may sound a little colored. A little extra bass and treble couldn't hurt. Trying to get some before black Friday so help me!
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First of all, you may find more help in the recommendations thread


But, I would suggest starting with the RE400


Or the R-50 (on sale for the time being)


Both are pretty flat and neutral overall (with the RE400 having a slightly warm tone, very slightly, and the R-50 having a slightly brighter tone with the analytical signature treble lift), so I would suggest starting there. Both have excellent soundstages, both certainly wide enough, especially for earphones having flat signatures, but won't be as wide as the GR07.

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Thank you I currently have the RHA m350 and they're starting to disappoint me I really want clarity and strong presence. Something that is very punchy but articulate. I listen to a lot of metal, r&b, rap, rock, trance, and dub step/electronica. Its hard to find a headphone that does it all. I've looked at demon, RHA, etymotics, UE, sennhesier, shure, vmoda, and Yamaha I'm trying to keep this under $120.
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I bought a GR07 yesterday for $130 through to replace my broken GR06. I've heard them before, absolutely loved them.
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