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For Sale: Woo Audio WA22 with tubes, MINT!

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For Sale:
Woo Audio WA22 with tubes, MINT!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Selling my pristine WA22 and tubes listed below.


I bought it off the original owner in 2011 after he had owned it for a year. It had very little use. Since then, I've used it just a handful of times as well which is why I am selling it.


Here is what is included:


1 Power cord black (Woo doesn't include one) 


For Rectifier tubes:

1 Emmission Labs 5U4G.

1 Amperex GZ34/5AR4.

1 Russian made 5Z4C.


For Gain Tubes:

2 Sylvania 6SN7GTB.

2 Tung Sol mouse ear 6SN7.

2 Mazda 6CG7 plus adapters.

Out put tubes:


2 Chatham Electronic 2399. (nearly impossible to find)

2 Raytheon 6080 WB

2 Sylvania 7236

2 Tung sol 6080



Price for all of the above $1900, I will pay the shipping. I will accept Paypal as a gift or add for the fee



I also have 2 Tung Sol 6SN7GT oval plates that have about 15 hours on them, I paid $220 each for them. These by far are the best tubes I ever listened to.


I also have HD-800 with balanced APS v3 cable (NO stock cable) terminated 3 pin XLR with Furutech FP-601 M (R) (8'). Includes original box, frequency chart, etc (see other listing)


And I also have a Wyred 4 Sound DAC-1 (Less than 20 hours on it) (see other listing)



No trades guys, need the cash. Thanks for looking.

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wow great deal!!! 


all those tubes :tongue_smile:


is the gz34 metal or black base?

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Thanks for the bump


It's a black base

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Sale Pending

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This baby is SOLD!

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