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Deciding between earbuds

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I want to start off saying that i am not the most knowledgeable about sound. I do like quality stuff that will last me a few years and can tell the difference between good and bad sound. I am looking for some new earbuds, as my 3 year old skullcandy ones just broke. My 3 main frontrunners are: soundmagic e30, soundmagic e10, and sennhieser cx 300b MK II. As you can probably tell, i am looking to spend less than $50. I listen to country music, and am often in noisy environments, so these 3 all have some noise-blocking features. Please give me your suggestions and compare these earbuds for me. Dub it down a lot though, as i know very little about headphones. Also, feel free to suggest any others i might want to try.
Thank you all for your help.

Edit: i will be using an ipod, if that helps at all
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btw, the proper term is IEMs. Earbuds are those that doesn't go inside the ear canal.

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